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Welcome to FIMA

The Financial Services Instant Messaging Association (FIMA) is dedicated to understanding and promoting the Instant Messaging requirements of the financial services industry. FIMA's nearly 30 firm membership includes all of the world's largest global financial institutions and a cross section of firms of all sizes who are active in the Instant Messaging space. FIMA also has a large set of affiliated vendors - all of the largest IM vendors in the industry.

Our members have a wide variety of strategies for resolving unique issues in the Instant Messaging space and make use of a large number of varying vendors, products, and protocols. We are impartial to which vendors are successful, and do not sponsor any particular product. FIMA is keenly aware of efforts to create Instant Messaging standards and protocols and is keeping a close eye on these efforts in order to encourage rapid adoption of strategic protocols, once they emerge. FIMA members use the forum to share experiences, best practices and news, and act as a coordinating body when inviting vendors to present their IM strategies to the Financial Services community.

FIMA's mandate is to:

- Understand the IM requirements of financial firms and communicate these requirements to vendors, industry press, and affiliated organizations, to assist in setting the agenda for the future of the IM industry.
- Understand the state of products, services and vendors in the IM space and communicate these to FIMA member firms, staying ahead of trends and directions as they evolve.
- Promote standardization and interoperability between and among IM products and services in the many ways interoperability can be achieved.
- To endorse Instant Messaging solutions that will meet SEC, NASD and other appropriate regulatory compliance requirements.
- Share experiences with IM vendors, systems, technologies, and practices among FIMA firms.