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FIMA is made up of a number of leading Financial Institutions from both the buy-side and sell-side, and is open to any banking organization that would like to participate. There are no fees for membership, but we ask that members participate in our regular monthly meetings. For more information on the Financial Firms represented within the FIMA User Group, please refer to the link on the left.

FIMA has a small steering group, with representatives from those firms that signed up to the original press release that we published in 2002. Please refer to the Key Individuals link to find contact details for the members of the FIMA Steering Group, which meets every two weeks.

We have a number of leading IM vendors who are affiliated with FIMA and have the opportunity to share their strategic and tactical IM plans with the User Group, and be a part of the FIMA network. For more information on these vendors, please refer to the Vendors link on this page.